BookPagez in Action: Take the BookPagez 90 Second Challenge

By Amy Mackenzie | BookPagez in Action

What can you do in 90 seconds? Get your mail. Go to the bathroom. Eat your lunch? Maybe.. As a member of BookPagez, the possibilities go from mundane to pretty darn incredible. In just 90 seconds BookPagez members can:
  • choose minilessons for each of the 10 essential comprehension strategies
  • plan differentiated lesson plans to meet the needs of every student in every reading group
  • select resources to teach Word Study using books students are already familiar with
Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could plan a week's worth of reading instruction in just 90 seconds. Watch the video below to see what's possible:
In the video you'll notice that we selected a specific comprehension strategy and resources for a specific set of reading levels. These resources were selected based on the needs of 5 reading groups. The key to fast planning with BookPagez is knowing what your goals for instruction are. That means you'll need a little bit of organization to start. Here's what we recommend: Start by knowing each of your students' reading levels or specific instructional needs. Knowing this information will make it easier for you to form reading groups. Whether you form flexible reading groups based on instructional need or guided reading level, your process for planning remains the same. You can organize student information and plan for small group instruction using this set of Reading Group Planning Pages. Next, look for a common challenge across each of your reading groups. Then select a resource that will allow you to deliver a minilesson based on the challenge your students need to overcome. After you've delivered a whole group minilesson, you'll want to consider diving deeper in small groups. Simply go to the Resource Library, and use the filters. Start by filtering the resources according the to your instructional goal. Then sort the resources based on guided reading level. Doing so will ensure that you select a text that's appropriate for each reader in your classroom and a lesson plan that will help you to deliver meaningful differentiated reading instruction. So go ahead - Take the 90 second challenge - we dare you!